GAME Can we get a legit Nintendo Switch thread?

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strive nonetheless towards beauty and truth,
Aug 8, 2001
finished Paper Mario Origami Kingdom this weekend with my kid :bowdown: it was pretty fun overall, sometimes frustrating, and I'm not sure if I would have loved it as much by myself, but was worth the money to play along with him.

what should we get next? so far - Pokémon lets go, Pokémon shield, paper Mario

I think he might be old enough (5) for Breath of the Wild (which I would enjoy), and will probably get Pokémon Snap at the end of the month.

which is the best Mario game platformer on the switch? no necessarily for co-op (he's not too good with a controller yet) but visually the most interesting?
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smell my finger

strive nonetheless towards beauty and truth,
Aug 8, 2001
I had a blast playing Lego City Undercover with my 7 year old- good co-op stuff

we played Lego Jurassic Park on the PS4, but he wasn't comfortable enough with the controller (when had just turned 4) to play co-op. when I say "play" I mean he watches me play :o
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alright, so best buy got some refurbed unit in, so i got one for my kiddo. what now?
i just got a yeller one for me, one kid has the full version, the other a lite, and now i have a lite.

You can download games and play on multiple switches, one at a time. you just have one, so not an issue.
Buy an accessory pack on amazon, with a case, protector, extra usb charging cable, etc, memory card
donkey kong tropical freeze, mario odyssey, new super mario bros deluxe, mario kart 8, super mario party, luigis mansion 3, nintendo entertainment system, super nintendo entertainment system, animal crossing, super mario maker, are all good choices. i don't have all of these. there's two official emulators for NES and SNES there. i don't have super mario maker, animal crossing, so can't vouch. i have the new star fox variant starlink, battle for atlas, but not a kid game really

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