Can you fix my ROCKFORD amp ?????

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by subzero, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. subzero

    subzero Guest

    I have a ROCKFORD PUNCH X1000.1 and there is no power at all ,no light.
    I bought it from some douchebag on ebay that sent it this way buit failed to mention that it was cooked in the ad...:fawk2:

    Good ol rockford wants $200+ to fix it even if it is a $100 job ....:rant:

    I need a honest soul that can repair this for me ...:x:

    I am in minnesota in the twincities metro or if I have to I will ship it if conditions are met..
    If no bites it is off to spend more fuckin money on another mono amp......:sadwavey:
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  2. MonkeyDo21

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    Jun 17, 2003
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    The Haven
    I own a car stereo shop that is a few hundred miles away from Mennesota, but none the less. I have a electrical engineer student who works for me and can repair anything electronic. If interested in shipping, let me know. I can fix the Mosfet's for $15 a piece.

    - Jason
  3. subzero

    subzero Guest

    Monkey,send me your info including shop phone number so we can talk and get this thing pumpin the JL's again....:wiggle:
  4. subzero

    subzero Guest

    Well anyone else that is serious I really want the pig fixed ..:wtc:

    I just opened it up again and looked at it myself and do not see anything leaking or discolored,nothing busted ???
    I have a couple big pics of the guts if that helps any of you amp gurus...I can only email them.

    I will hook up whom ever gets this bitch hummin again,the W6's are getting lonely ..:sleep:
  5. Qutec

    Qutec Guest

    Don't know if I could fix it, because sometimes the component damages the board when it fails. Are you considering selling it as is? I'll take you up on a fair price.


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