can you guys analyze this for me?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Durka Durka, May 28, 2007.

  1. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    an IM convo between me and my ex, i'm just completely baffled as to what she was trying to accomplish here. any insights would be cool. fwiw, i don't intend to contact her or anything, this is fueled by pure curiosity. just fyi before this she sent me a text about how she missed me... care.

    pppolkadotflats: are you here
    mayorbill11: yes
    pppolkadotflats: how are you
    mayorbill11: good
    pppolkadotflats: thats good
    mayorbill11: yes it is
    pppolkadotflats: how was the bbq
    mayorbill11: it was 3 weeks ago
    mayorbill11: i don't remember
    pppolkadotflats: ok
    pppolkadotflats: well.. as long as youre doing well i guess thats all i wanted to know
    mayorbill11: k
    mayorbill11: question is why
    pppolkadotflats: why what
    mayorbill11: why anything
    mayorbill11: why text me
    pppolkadotflats: cuz ive been busy and wanted to know how you were
    pppolkadotflats: i commute a little over an hour now so im rarely online to chat
    mayorbill11: i thought you lived close to work
    pppolkadotflats: i just go home eat and sleep
    pppolkadotflats: no i got a new job, old one went in the tubes because of that nslds shutdown
    mayorbill11: oh
    pppolkadotflats: alright ill stop bothering you now


    pppolkadotflats: alright ima cut to the chase
    mayorbill11: so, work, drive, eat sleep
    mayorbill11: sound sfun
    mayorbill11: chase?
    pppolkadotflats: sure.
    pppolkadotflats: yeah
    pppolkadotflats: i dont want to bs around small talk anymore
    mayorbill11: k
    mayorbill11: brb drink
    pppolkadotflats: k
    mayorbill11: so
    pppolkadotflats: after not talking to me for 3 weeks, is there a reason for me to stay on here
    mayorbill11: i don't know what you mean
    pppolkadotflats: i want to know if theres a reason for me to stay here
    pppolkadotflats: online
    pppolkadotflats: talking to you
    mayorbill11: well, i would assume the reason is that, since you contacted me, you wanted to talk to me
    pppolkadotflats: or if the weird sense of wanting to talk to this morning just tricked me
    mayorbill11: i don't know what reason you're looking for
    pppolkadotflats: yeah but i mean from you
    pppolkadotflats: i know my reason
    pppolkadotflats: do you have a reason for me to stay here talking to you
    pppolkadotflats: or are you good
    mayorbill11: why do i get the feeling that you're being really cryptic in trying to ask me something else
    pppolkadotflats: im asking you
    pppolkadotflats: should i
    pppolkadotflats: stay online
    pppolkadotflats: and talk to you
    pppolkadotflats: if yes
    pppolkadotflats: why
    mayorbill11: honestly, this question feels like work
    mayorbill11: i'm not going to come up with a convincing arguement to keep you online if you don't want to be online
    mayorbill11: if you want me to be completely honest, though i'll go for it
    pppolkadotflats: no that was enough for me to understand what you want
    mayorbill11: ok
    mayorbill11: well
    mayorbill11: just out of curiosity
    mayorbill11: what do you think that is?
    pppolkadotflats: well if youre not going to spend 5 seconds to tell me whether or not you want me to stay on here and why then thats a pretty good idea of what that is, istn?
    mayorbill11: not really
    mayorbill11: i'd really rather you tell me your perspective than for me to tell you what mine is
    mayorbill11: since you contacted me, i'm genuinely curious
    mayorbill11: as for me, i didn't do anything, so i don't understand why you asked me the reason why you should do something
    mayorbill11: or whatever
    pppolkadotflats: thats not the point
    pppolkadotflats: the point is i want to know if theres a genuine reason from you that i should stay, not you didnt do anything so you have no blah blah whatever
    mayorbill11: well, i can't really come up with some sort of incentive, other than you wanting to talk to me
    mayorbill11: this isn't like punch the monkey and win an ipod or something
    pppolkadotflats: youre such a retard, i dont need MY incentive
    pppolkadotflats: all you have to say is yes or no
    pppolkadotflats: and youre saying its work? how much work did it take to get to this point in the convo
    pppolkadotflats: much more than it would to tell me yes or no
    mayorbill11: well, if the question is do i want you to stay on aim and call me a retard? no
    mayorbill11: and ask me irrelevant questions? no
    pppolkadotflats: i only called you taht because youre beating around a question that im NOT asking you
    pppolkadotflats: its not irrelevant to me
    pppolkadotflats: forget it
    mayorbill11: ok
    mayorbill11: well
    mayorbill11: i have a question
    pppolkadotflats: great
    pppolkadotflats: ?
    mayorbill11: this is less of a question and more of an assumption i guess
    pppolkadotflats: even better snice youre great at that with me
    pppolkadotflats: go ahead
    mayorbill11: it just seems to me like you being busy isn't the only reason you haven't talked to me in three weeks
    mayorbill11: am i correct?
    pppolkadotflats: no
    pppolkadotflats: any other questions/
    mayorbill11: ok, just wondering
    mayorbill11: this just all seems really pointless to me
    mayorbill11: is all
    pppolkadotflats: thats all i needed to know

    then she signed off.

    basically, i saw it as her trying to trick me into begging to talk to her, of course after this i sent her a text telling her to never concact me again, because i'm sick of her deceptive, cryptic bullshit. but i really would like to know what you guys think she was getting at here, because i've though about it and i pretty much have no fucking idea. all i know is it was annoying and gay. help?
  2. FrozenSTi

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    Oct 12, 2006
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    Just sounds like mind games to me. She sounded pretty bored to me, looking for someone to get emo on
  3. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    yeah, that's the way i took it. i'm not looking to be her emotional tampon, so i shut her down pretty fast.

    i'm just wondering if my perception is on target :)
  4. PC

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    Mar 30, 2005
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    she was looking for you to come out and say i want you to talk to me...and basically appear like a pussy as if you are chasing her...

    she seems desperate man and def playing games

    steer clear...shes the one chasing you...then shes trying to turn it around and make it seem like you are chasing her
  5. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    yeah, that's pretty much the way i see it. she's too fucking proud to admit she wants me back in contact with her in some capacity, but at the same time i bet the only reason she's coming back to me is out of guilt. i have a pretty good sentimental hold on her, pretty much all the music she listens to she got from me, for example. i get a big fucking grin on my face whenever i think about the fact that she pretty much dies a bit inside every time she turns on her ipod.
  6. She wasn't into the convo. Just killing time. She wanted you to look like a bitch to beg her to stay and talk to her. You did the right thing. Ignore this girl, she seems like nothing but trouble. The conversation got you nowhere, and the whole damn thing was a chance for her to get you to say you care, when you clearly don't. Good Job.
  7. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    yeah, pretty much.

    also still think i'm right about the whole busy for three weeks thing being bullshit as well, i mean come on who doesn't sign on aim for three weeks i mean once or something give me a fucking break.

    this girl is so stupid and she thinks she's smarter than me too which just pisses me off. when i saw her name on my phone i had an instant picard.jpg face.
  8. Do you still care about this girl, because you are making a big deal out of nothing that requires absolutely no regard?
  9. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    kind of a split between still getting over it and me being an argumentative prick, lol.

    i have no problems admitting that.

    i just know that if i'm gonna think about it at all, i'd rather talk about it with OT than talk to her because that would be a step in the exact wrong direction.
  10. Man up and get over the bitch. See guys at least he comes to OT, not act like a bitch for the girl. Why can't more people learn that.
  11. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    well yeah, i mean, there is a limit. yeah, i think about her a lot, i had very strong feelings for her at one time. those things don't just change overnight, but ultimately i know she wasn't right for me so i'd rather just cut her out and move on than continue to drag myself out over a long period of time by dealing with her. sometimes you just can't do it on your own and i don't mind asking for help when i need it. :wiggle:
  12. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    lol same
  13. glass

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    that is one weird approach your ex came up with.. the sadder thing is it all seemed premeditated.
  14. Another one for the women being batshit insane argument. :rofl:
  15. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    how do you see the situation?

    and yeah, it was obviously premeditated and she wasn't very subtle about it.

    she texted me a line from one of my favourite songs (which she also likes a lot) so i replied with the following line in the song. i was like ok, this is fine, maybe i'll just have a regular chat with her, you know, kill half an hour or so. but, no, BAM, 5 minutes later she texts me with 'i miss you a lot'. ok, that's not subtle and i'm not interested in this drama. i don't text her back. then she comes on aim and you know the rest. after the aim convo i texted her saying take a hint, leave me alone. haven't heard from her since.

    i don't know, it just felt like she was trying to turn the tables and put me in the bitch position when she was clearly coming at it from the on your knees bitch position. it was all very gay and subversive and hell she might have even got what she wanted if she wasn't so fucking rude about it? at least this reminds me of why i ended it with her.
  16. See, this is pretty much a woman's game. If guys could see that's how a woman normally acts, playing as if her wants should be imposed on you, then most guys will be a hell of a lot better off than before. Yes it takes ages now for a guy to learn this.
  17. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    yeah, but the thing is the way she acted about it made me completely question her true intentions. she wasn't trying to impose her wants on me, she was basically just trying to gain assurance from me that i care, when i'm pretty sure she doesn't. the way she acted made me care less than i did before she contacted me, so if that was her intention then basically her whole plan pretty much backfired on her.
  18. Lack of validation from her parents maybe? Who better to run to than an ex?
  19. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    well, her situation is she lives on her own in a city she's not from, she knows people there but i have a feeling she gets left out a lot or something. she's pretty much like tried to prove to me that she actually has a boyfriend there but i get the impression she's either making it up or at the very best they don't get along well or see each other often, i.e. not a good relationship, so, whenever she contacts me like this i just assume she's on the rocks with her boyfriend and tell her to fuck off.

    it's just really annoying, it's like i don't want to change my phone number and shit but i also really don't want any shit from her in the future. she's a psycho, she lies about everything and i just generally don't like her.
  20. One more time, she's not mentally stable, why don't you just ignore her when she makes any effort to contact you?

    Oh btw, welcome to one of my ex's lied to me about every damn thing and still tries to contact me, thank god I cut that shit off.

    Don't be scared to tell a woman who's in charge of your life.
  21. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    well, because honestly i really didn't see her contacting me again at all. i mean, obviously she wasn't just busy, she just didn't want to talk to me so she didn't and i didn't see that changing :dunno: so when she did send me a text, it kind of caught me off guard, honestly after not talking to her for 3 weeks i kinda forgot how annoying she could be. now that it's fresh in my mind i've made a mental note of it and i will be sure to ignore her in the future.
  22. My work here is done.
  23. Yail Bloor

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    the streets
    I got to the part where she asked "Is there any reason for me to stay on here" and concluded that she is using you for attention.

    If you really want to know what her intentions are, attempt to contact her outside of chat and see what happens (my guess is she will be unavailable).
  24. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    yeah, don't worry, this thread wasn't about that. i already came to that decision last week when i flat out told her not to get in touch with me in the future, period. this was just a curiosity mission because this kind of shit generally interests me anyway. i won't stop thinking about it until i feel i've figured it out. :o

    that said, i'd love to here a woman's perspective on this.
  25. Durka Durka

    Durka Durka Guest

    well, she lives very far away from me now so other than the phone/aim there's no way to do that, even if i wanted to, which i don't, because she won't tell me she'll just answer a question with a question and be a circular argument retard.

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