A&P Can you guys tell me about this camera?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Izm-J_onyer_Ace-Fay, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. I did my own research through a buyer's guide, and checked to see what i should buy for my needs, and found out i don't really know much about what features are good or not..... can you tell me what you think of this one??? seems to be a good value..... but im not sure.
    thanks in advance!

    i found this one too.....
    its only a few dollars more, but it appears to have better features....... what do you think?
    thanks again!
  2. SpecV_Jim

    SpecV_Jim Guest

    I can't tell you what features are good for you.

    Try www.dpreview.com. It's a fantastic site. You can probably determine what you need from there, as well as do side by side comparisons.
  3. well what i mostly would like to do is be able to take pictures and save them to my hard drive........ once in a while print a couple out.......... is that helpful? I'm really at a loss here, i don't know what all this stuff means :(
  4. SpecV_Jim

    SpecV_Jim Guest

    If you don't what 'this stuff' means, maybe you shouldn't buy one.
    Seriously, how can you feel comfortable spending hundreds of dollars, committing yourself having a stable, powerful enough, computer when you don't even really know what you want.

    All digital cameras can save the images to the hard drive, that's pretty basic in terms of understanding digital.

    You may want to stay in the film genre until you're more comfortable with the terms/technology.

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