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    Hi everyone, ive been a member here for quite some time, but have never really posted or even browsed the site in a long time, but I thought id post this here to see if anyone was interested.

    Its a MINT condition 20d. I purchased it in November from Bestbuy. It comes with a 4 year bestbuy warranty, that still has about 3 years and 9 months left on it (which will be transferred to the new owner). Also has the blank 1 year manufacture warranty. It will come with everything that came with the camera. 2 canon batteries, 1 charger, all cables, all manuals, all cd's, 32mb stick, and also a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II along with the kit lens.

    I am located in FL. I have alot of vouches so if youd like to contact them, please let me know.

    Asking price $1600 obo with everything shipped
    Paypal+ 3%


    Heres a few pics of the accessories. Ill have pics of the cam itself tomorrow when I borrow a friends camera.


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