A&P Canon AE-1 for beginner?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by SLKWrx, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Hey all,
    I am just starting out in the Photography world and I'm moving out of point and shoot, and into slr's. Local camera shop guy has put me on the path of a Canon AE-1. I know most of you would say for a beginner, the Pentax K1000 is the way to go, but I was wondering if the AE-1 would be just as good. Is there anything out there that is more cost effective, with the same amount of control, clarity, and durability? I would like the camera to be able to last me until I'm well into the intermediate levels of photography. Also, the split-circle focus is a useful tool that I would like to be part of a camera that I buy.

    Thanks all
    -- Steve
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    Cost effective? Zenit - E for 30-40$ on ebay with nice 58mm/f2.0 lense

    Durability? Zenit-E, made from cast aluminum body, can be used as a weapon even.

    Amout of control? Zenit-E is 100% manual.

    Has nice light meter built it, in my experience its pretty accurate. Here's one of pics i took with the Zenit-E with 58mm Helios-44-2 lense. Fuji Gold 200 film

    No post processing.'

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    Also, yeah pentax k1000 is a good beginner camera :)
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    If you can find an AE-1 for less than a K1000 or a Pentax KM (K1000 + depth of field preview yet somehow goes for less than the K1000), then I'm sure it will work just fine for a beginner. Lenses should be easy enough to find considering it's a Canon.
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    I started on an Ae-1. Its a great camera for starting out, plus Canon FD lenses are relatively easy to find for more lenses
  6. nitro

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    It's a very good camera for a beginner. It's cheap, durable, and the body is made of metal. Very well made. Lenses are inexpensive as well.

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