can't access comps in network with "\\COMPNAME"

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by babygodzilla, Oct 25, 2004.

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    so i got a laptop and a desktop, both running XP Pro. we're on the same workgroup, the desktop is wired to the router and the laptop's wireless. both devices can communicate with each other fine, but to access shared files i have to explore to one comp using \\IPADDRESS instead of \\COMPNAME. for some reason it just wont work using the compname. an error message will pop saying the computer \\COMPNAME could not be found or something like that, which is highly annoying. any fix for this?

    using Linksys Wireless G router if that's any concern to anyone

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    One very simple way is to install NetBEUI on each of the computers. Open up the LAN connection in Network Connections, click on properties, install, protocol, netbeui. It's not routable which means it only works on your computers in your LAN, but it does resolve the addressing problem, otherwise you need a WINS/DNS server to translate NetBIOS names into IP addresses.

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