SRS can't concentrate, distracted from life- need advice

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Placenta Pasta, May 23, 2005.

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    hey everyone,

    **bit of background, my family is a very conservative christian sort of family and my parents are really old fashioned. about 12 months ago my real mum picked up and moved to the other side of the country because things weren't working out with my dad. it was bit of a shock at the time but eventually I got over it, although I do miss her badly

    anyway fast forward a few months and my dad (age 58) gets in contact with his first gf from high school over the internet (same age). things happen way to quickly and goes to visit her in another state in a matter of weeks, he comes back and tells me that he's fallen in love and she's going to move in with us.

    problem is I can't stand her. she's absolutely repulsive, she looks like a transvestite :ugh: and everytime I see her I literally want to throw up. im not exaggerating. i refuse to eat anything she cooks or talk to her or go anywhere near her or even look at her. her daughter is also very masculine and has a husky voice and :ugh: personal hygiene

    my pride and joy (project car with a turbo motor swapped in) was destroyed in a freak accident that insurance wont cover (I've lost like $8000) and the daughter was laughing as it came home on the back of a tow truck :ugh:

    they both seem to be milking my poor dad- who would do anything for anyone, he has donated heaps to his church and is the best dad I could of hoped for. not only that I never spend time with my dad anymore because he's always out on picnics and stuff with his new gf and step-daughter. i borrowed the digital camera the other day and its full of photos of my dad hugging this step-daughter he's only known for like 6 months :ugh: and all this shit is just starting to freak me out, it's like hes replacing me with some internet bimbo he hasn't known for 40 years- theres no connection there.

    now that my mum has been gone 12 months I started calling her and found out how she's really doing. turns out she's barely scraping by :wtc: she delivers pizzas now :wtc: and rents out a single bedroom in a share house :eek4: she's basically living on the poverty line and it tears me up inside because she doesn't deserve it

    I cant even watch tv for 10 minutes know without my eyes getting all watery. I just can't concentrate without thinking about my poor mum and this horrible fucking tranvestite and her daughter who my dad hangs out with and takes places non-stop

    I can't take it anymore. I sold the wreck of my car for $1000 and bought a ticket to England to live with my sister for a couple of months but it's not going to help the situation or my mum :( I leave Friday

    what should I do?? I haven't got any qualifications as I dropped out of school. Im starting university next year but it will take 4 years and I'm finding it difficult to find any part time or casual work, let alone enough to move over to Sydney and try support my mum.. I could of sold my car and lent her the money but now that's gone to :wtc:

    sorry for the long post guys but im desperate here
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    You need a vacation.

    You need and organised stable life, You need a proper job, a place of your own, and to settle down in a place where no one can screw with your head.

    oh yeah another advice, Run away run away!

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