Cant decide on cell phone HELP!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Sixers, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Alright background is im coming from a non smart phone. I am currently shopping and I do not want to spend more then say 90/m for service. I would like internet on phone but do not necessarily need. As of right now I think I am going to go with ATT Samsung Mythic off Phone is free and actually get a 100 gift card. Also i will get the 59.99/m plan for 900 rollover min and unlimited n/wknds. I opted for only the messaging plan and wont have internet on the phone, this was an additional $20 so i will be paying $80/m before taxes without a data plan. Also im not 100% sure but does this mean I wont be able to use the Facebook app it comes with either?
    The other option I was considering is a Blackberry Curve 8530 through T-Mobile the phone would again be free and I would get 1000 anytime min unlimited nghts / weekends and after the mandatory BB data service and unlimited text it will cost $90 before taxes.
    So can anyone give me some help here I'm on the fence and cannot make up my mind! I cant decide if having the data plan with the blackberry is worth the extra say $20/m
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    Have you looked at any android phones? I'm completely sold on them. Never lose a contact because it's backed up by your account. Use your google calendar on phone and it seamlessly works with your phone and vice versa. Loads of free apps/games. I've only paid for one and it was pdanet which connects my pc to the net through the phone. Plenty of pay apps.

    Out of the two I'd pick the BB but then again I don't know how you will use it. If you just use it for messaging then try something else from tmobile like the samsung gravity 2. My wife has one and she loves it for texting. She had a problem with it dropping calls and they are sending her a new one. That's both good and bad though. Good that they followed through with a problem but she shouldn't have had a problem. Also it's not a smart phone. Also I don't see a reason to get a smart phone if you're not going to get data on it. It just defeats the whole purpose.

    My advice is to look at the android phones over at tmobile. The cliq would be a good text phone, but I'd go with the nexus one.

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