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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LtBlade, May 9, 2003.

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    I just don't know which amp I should get :sad2:. I plan on getting 2 12" Alpine Type-E subs @ 4ohms.
    The amps I am considering are the Alpine mrp-m350, mrd-m300, or profile 600sx.

    Amps Specs:

    Alpine MRP-M350 MONO amp
    "The MRP-M350 mono amplifier gives you awesome bang for your buck, and sports some "extras" that you'd usually find only on higher-priced amps! Hook up the MRP-M350 to one 4-ohm sub, and you get 200 watts RMS; connect a second 4-ohm subwoofer and the power output increases to 350 watts! All that juice means that your subs won't just be loud, they'll sound clean and musical, too. A variable low-pass crossover lets you tune the output to match your particular sub setup. The 15 Hz subsonic filter eliminates very low notes (those that are too low to hear) from your system, so your bass won't sound muddy. Plus, you'll want to take advantage of the BassEQ — an adjustable bass boost of up to 12 dB at 50 Hz! Speaker-level inputs allow you the flexibility to hook up the MRP-M350 to just about any system, and gold-plated terminals ensure that you get clean signal transfer both into and out of the amp."
    Peak Power=700W
    Peak RMS=200W using one 4 ohm sub or 350 using two 4 ohm subs

    Alpine MRD-M300
    V-12 AccuClass-D MONO amplifier
    "The amazing new V12 AccuClass-D™ mono amplifiers pack an enormous amount of power for your subwoofers. Using sophisticated digital technology, the V12 AccuClass-D™ Mono amplifiers offer unparalleled tuning and control of the subwoofer system. Digital Crossover, Time Correction and Parametric EQ functions are all controlled through the Alpine 'Digital Control Center' located under the top mounted access panel. If you system requires more than one of these awesome amplifiers, simply link them together with the RUX-4280 Remote Amplifier Control Center (RACC) to control all the tuning functions right at the dash!"
    Peak Power=600W
    Peak RMS = 300W @ 4ohms

    Profile 600SX
    "Profile's California 600sx amplifier packs a potent 150 watts RMS by two channels, with MOSFET power supplies for ultra-quick response. The built-in variable low- and high-pass crossovers allow you to control precisely the frequencies being sent to your speakers. Adjustable bass boost lets you pump up your low-frequency response for a bigger sound. With a dead-quiet signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB, the 600sx amplifier is a great choice for a high-performance speaker system. Or switch to mono mode and brutalize your subwoofer with 450 watts of pounding Profile power! If you're looking for the amp that gives you the most watts for your dollar, look no further. And remember, Profile backs all their amps with a strong 2-year warranty."
    Peak Power = 600W
    Peak RMS=450 bridged

    ***Also-what kind of wiring kit would i need for each of these amps
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