Can't get xbox live to connect or xbox connect with PC

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 2xPutt, Nov 13, 2009.

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    this is the exact text I posted in gamer's pulse, but since this also relates to computers, I thought I'd try my luck with you guys also:

    alright what in the fuck is going on? first off, sorry if this is the wrong spot to put it, but since it relates to Xbox live, I figure here would be the place to put this. Everything was working fine earlier for Xbox and PC and then the stupid fucking internet dropped, so I restarted the modem and it connected but nothing worked, I then diagnosed the modem and it gave me something about resetting IP / reset local lan adapter. so I did both (one after the other) and now my xbox will not connect to live or my PC. I do have a router that has an ethernet cord running to the xbox and I also have the wireless adapter. I've tried everything has suggested. I've tried automatic DNS settings and manual DNS settings but no dice.

    all i want to do is watch some damn movies right now but the xbox isn't even connecting to my PC, what could be causing all of this to happen? the not being able to get onto live and/or play my movies?

    thanks for any help and sorry if this is wrong section

    btw, I am NOT using Windows Media Center, I am just using the blade on xbox live that says "Video Library" and then I choose computer and then my computer, but it is not popping up the name I had listed before
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    I dont have much experience with xbox since I dont own one.... Simpliest method would be to see if your computer can even talk to the xbox. Ping the IP address the xbox is on (look at your dhcp list if you dont know or your network settings in the xbox) if you get nothing pretty much answers what the problem is.

    Everything should be on automatic as far as obtaining Ip's if its not make sure your IP/gateway matches with the pc and xbox. That's the extent of my knowledge -- PS3 user here.
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    You have to have Windows Media Center for it to work and setup Extender. I went through this a while back. Good luck.

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