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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dieselstation, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. So i've decided to just go a lil bit higher end then what i was expecting to go.. and now i've kinda sorta rounded it down to what i'm looking at.

    Looking for a mono and a 4 channel amp. The single channel is going to power a Solobaric 12" L5 sub, and the 4 channel is going to power the normal speakers (which will get updated soon). So i'm thinking for the single channel, something at least 500watts.. and for the 4 channel, something with at least 100watts to each channel.

    now onto my question. Which brand? i'm looking to spend at the most $350 for each amp.

    Rockford Fosgate? (i don't think i can actually afford this)
    Alphasonik? (they are cousins to Audiobahn.. same company owns both)
    something else? (recommend me a brand)

    Of course Audiobahn is everyone's favorite darling right now.. but should i be considering HiFonics? I've also heard really good things about Alphasonik so i might give them a try unless someone convinces me otherwise. At least their amps look DAMN sexy.

    or should i just go the safe route and get Fosgates even though their ugly as fuck. I've considered going Lanzar but somehow that brand gives me the impression of Swap Meet stuff. I can't really afford the good stuff like Alpine or JL or whatever.. so that's out of the question.
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    Personally I would stay away from Audiobahn. They look real nice and put down some great numbers on paper, but everyone I have installed I have had to pull back out of the cars because they fried under even light loads.

    I imagine you are trying to stay with just one brand of amp, but I owuld suggest Mtx for the sub. The downside to that is they don't have a good 4channel. Also, Hifonics is a real good 4ch amp. Or atleast they were when I last used them. It wasn't as asthetically pleasing as others, but it performed with ease. In fact I still have one that i keep around for just in case. you're not likely to find too many 4x100w that are also 1ohm stable. As for RF they are kinda middle of the pack in my opinion.
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    Lanzar is cheaper than most brands, but in my experience the vibe 1200D amplifier is a STEAL. I have installed 2 of them (one in my car, and one in my brothers friend's car) and both have performed flawlessly, even when played loud for extended periods.

    If you still don't want Lanzar, the JBL 1200.1 is very good as well. As for the 4 channel amplifier, you can get their 65w x 4 channel amplifier for less than 150 dollars IIRC, and that would work fine too.
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    I'll second 042801's opinions on the mono stuff. I've heard nothing but good things about the Lanzar (at least on a price-performance basis) and the setups I've heard with JBL 600.1 and 1200.1's have sounded quite good.

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