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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DJ-phYre, Apr 7, 2004.

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    I recently purchased Audiobahn AW1251T subwoofers in a dual bandpass box. Now all I am looking for an amp.

    The sub specs:

    400 RMS - 800 RMS MAX

    The box is pre-wired for 2 ohms so I am wanting go with that.

    I was told you can cut the wattage in half when using a bandpass box rather than a sealed box.

    I was looking at this new Punch amp that was at a local audio shop... I can seem to find it on the Rockford Fosgate site, but I believe it was a 900w ... would this be sufficient for these subs?
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    Actually, your power handling would be higher with a bandpass box than a sealed one. A bandpass enclosure can be made to be more OR less efficient than a sealed one though, so in general you can't say.

    The punch amp at the audio shop would probably work fine, but RF's amps's this year have significantly overrated power ratings, meaning you probably will get half that (or less) power.
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    Their RMS ratings are dead on. Their build quality may not be what it was yearsago but they yet to fall into the trend of rating their amps for max power.
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    You're right though, It looks like the new products do conform to their ratings :cool:

    I think it must have been just last years "punch" line amps that were like that. I doubt the "power" line would have overrated power listings.
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    some amp companies are already putting out CEA-2006 standard compliant products currently... i'd look for one of those, if you want what it says on the box. :o

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