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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by co0L, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. co0L

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    What do you guys think this will sound like in my 2000 Blazer?

    click this link to see all my equipment:

    what are your opinions.. any dislikes... any problems?

    btw, the blazer has 2 5x9's in the rear that im not replacing...
  2. co0L

    co0L Guest

    will my selected amp work well with my sub?
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    Oct 9, 2001
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    don't know too much about lanzar but $189 for 1600 watts doesn't scream quality to me
  4. 04

    04 Guest

    Probably. Although, even though its rated for 1000 watts rms, it may only put out half of that. But that would still be enough to drive the Kicker, provided the enclosure isnt super small.
  5. co0L

    co0L Guest

    $189 on sale.. amp is 2000 watts too... sub is 1500 watts peak...

    i got some questions as well... what does RMS mean.. what does OHMS mean...

    thanks ahead of time!
  6. 04

    04 Guest

    Yes co0L, the amplifier *says* 2000 watts, but that doesnt make it so :hs: Same thing with the subwoofer.

    RMS stands for Root mean square, its a method of measuring current or voltage to get the direct current equivilent. In other words, you can use the RMS figure to compare to measurements made on Direct currents. RMS current and voltage are both .707 of their peak values (for sinusodial waveforms), so since power is equal to voltage multiplied by current, the "peak" power rating, is typically twice that of the RMS rating.

    So basically peak = 2x RMS.

    As for Ohms, its the unit for resistance or impedence or reactance. The higher the resistance, the higher the ohms. So, for a given input voltage (amplifier output), you will have less power drawn as the resistance goes up. Note that a speaker is NOT a purely resistive device, and has an impedence as well.

    But for simplicity sake, you just need to know that you will usually want to match the lowest rated minimum impedence on the amplifier to the nominal impedence on the speaker you are using. So if the amplifier is only stable with loads down to 2ohms, you probably dont want to use a speaker with a nominal impedence of 1 ohm.
  7. co0L

    co0L Guest

    i bought 2 12" S12L5's.... FYI.. :)
  8. west4t9er22

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    i think you should go with a better head unit like this one for instince...[​IMG]

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