Car is 10 months old, black paint looks scratchy..

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Nov 4, 2001.

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    I have always used Zaino products. Once I have tried 3M to compare, and went back to Zaino. But now my car has all these fine scratches that really show in the direct sun or under florecent lights. It looks terrible. What can I do to fix this? I have tried 3m swirl remover (makes it worse), zaino seems to fix it. Mequires I have used there red bottles steps, still no go. I am sick of seeing these, its not bad, but its irritating to see. Any ideas would be helpful!!

    Black car..

    2001 Maxima SE. Thanks.
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    Hmm, I have a Rio Red (bright red) 2000 Merc Cougar, and I've been nothing but pleased with the 3M swirl remover. The one thing I did realize is that you REALLY have to buff it in good to work. So I would do just a small area at a time, and after a couple of days, a high majority of the swirls were gone.

    Seems like you might have a paint defect if nothing is working.
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    hey dude... your paint is fine... it's called BLACK PAINT. i have worked in a body shop for the past 5 years, and lemme tell ya.... black paint looks cool.... but unless it's garaged, under a cover, it's gonna get some swirl. what i would recommend... is washing it with a brand new whashmit that is SUPER clean !! if it touches the ground.. throw it away.. and NO TIRES.. (if you even thought about it i should cyber slap your dumb ass).. dry it with a clean sopt shammy, and always keep it waxed... mother's carnuba with cleaner should work great... just be sure to apply and wipe it off with a CLEAN..(seeing a trend here?) cotton t shirt. and after every time you wash it, just give it a once over with turtle wax "express shine"... that shit rules... and it only takes like 15 minutes to do the whole car... swirl remover is good.... but you can do more damage if used inproperly.... at any rate... use some good soap... (NOT DISH SOAP !... that is what is used to strip wax)... and make sure all your shit is clean !!!..... have a nice day....
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    Black paint sucks, trust me.

    If you hate swirl, drive a white vehicle.
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    When you use the 3m swirl remover do you use a foam pad on your buffer? You may also might want to give the 3m Hand Glaze and Machine Galze a try (they may be the same thing) either way it's best to apply them by hand. They will make it shine quiet nicely. either way, its a black car, it'll never be perfect
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    You might have to go a little stronger to get rid of the scratches than just a swirl remover. Go to and click on the link to their professional distributers in your area and pick up Dual Action Cleaner/Polish and some Swirl Free Polish-they come in 32 oz or gallon sizes-sorry, nothing smaller-but a 32 oz bottle of each should last you a few years.

    Start with the Dual Action, working a small section at a time. Use a back and forth motion and work the polish until it looks almost dry and clear, then buff off the excess. Do the same with the Swirl Free also. I use a terry cloth towel folded into 1/8s for the Dual Action, and a foam pad for the Swirl Free. Follow with a pure wax, not a cleaner wax--Meguiars High Tech Yellow, Mother's Pure Carnuba or Zainos. That should remove or reduce the majority of the scratches.

    To avoid problems in the future, always dry a black car in the shade, use clean, thick bath towels, a quality car soap, and make sure the wash pad is clean.

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