Car speakers sound like ass, new headunit?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MrBlonde, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I bought a 04 cavalier. It has the stock headunit but sounded like blown speakers, speakers couldn't handle much volume or bass. I had some old speakers (also aftermarket but smaller in size/rms) that I put in but it still sounds like crap turned this a problem with the signal from the stock headunit?

    Would an aftermarket headunit make a difference here?

    Probably a dumb ass question but I wanted it answered before I decide what I'm going to do.
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    factory headunits have a roll off, where it will sound like ass after the halfway point on the volume... it varys to the degree from brand to brand, and year to year... a good aftermarket headunit from any of the reliable brands, will clean up the sound.
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    The stock factory HU in my Maxima (the base Clarion one, not the factory Bose upgrade) was the same. Sounded pretty good at low volume but like crap when you'd turn it up. Noticable lack of bass too. I swapped it out for a Pioneer DEH5100 and the improvement in sound was very noticeable. Definitely more bass too and I could listen at higher volumes without the sound fuzzing or clipping on me. Upgrading the speakers after added another nice improvement.
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    More than likely not your head unit. Most factory head units have 7 or so watts. That's not a lot of power to drive any speaker. As you turn up the volume, you start to clip your speakers, making them sound like ass.

    Buy a new head unit with more power (in the range of 22-25 watts). This will drive your speakers much better.

    You might also want to consider, upgrading at least your front speakers if you choose this option. Remember, speakers are what reproduces the sound waves that you hear. Stock speakers are notorius for being pieces of crap. If you shop on ebay, or a place like, you could buy the equipment for $400-$500. Installation, if you're unable, would run around $150.

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