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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by davidI, Jan 6, 2002.

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    Hey all,

    I've got an old 15" sub kicking around and was thinking that I could maybe use it in my home theater set-up...

    I know it wouldn't sound as good as a home theater sub but I just wanna do it for the hell of it. Now I know you can use a car battery and a charger for the power supply, then hook up a car stereo amp and the subs just like you would in a car but my problem is that my receiver only has one output for the sub whereas if I remember correctly most car stereo amps need 2 rca's in....

    How can I hook the receiver up to the car stereo amp so it won't sound like ass?


    its nothing a Y adapter cant fix but a car battery charger has a rediculous amount of noise youd be better off going to parts and buying their biggest home amp and using it to power the sub rather than using a battery etc..
  3. What LOUDSYSTEM said is my opinon as well. Not overly knowledgeable about car batteries but i have seen a few friends running their subs off cars that don't have the engine running and the battery drains fairly fast. Capacitors will help but in this situation have a look at a dedicated subwoofer amp from a hifi shop etc.
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    the 250 watt plate amp is like 80 bucks and should do the job just fine.

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