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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by biomechanoid, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. biomechanoid

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    I've a '94 Honda civic EX (d16z SOHC v-tech 1.6l)

    I was driving in heavy rain when the engine died on me. it sounds like I'm out of fuel when I try to start it, but I've 3/4 a tank of gas in there. there are no lights that come on when the car starts (no check engine, check oil, etc. perfectly normal startup) any suggestions on what to look for when I take it apart tomorrow? I checked all the fuses, and none are blown. also the gas pedal cable isn't broken (small idea on my part).

    Also, what's a good way to check if the spark plugs are putting off a spark?.

    I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with the fuel system as it sounds like I'm outta fuel when I try to start it, but I have no idea on how to check if my fuel pump is working.
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    Are you running any kind of aftermarket intake? Check your filter and make sure it's not wet... I'm no expert on imports, but I know of a few Vettes running an aftermarket cold air induction kit with an intake up under the front lip of the car that have sucked in water when driving through puddles and have seized the engine...
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    Make sure the distributer didn't get wet.
  4. oldtimer

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    Check the carburetor..... it's always the carburetor.
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    If you've got an aftermarket intake, you probably sucked in some water going through a deep puddle. Pull all the plugs, disconnect the coil and the fuel pump relay, and crank the engine over a couple times to clear the water out of the cylinders. Then leave the plugs out overnight to let any extra water evaporate.
  6. biomechanoid

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    everything in the engine bay is 100% stock, but I'll check the distributer, and see if cranking the engine a few times will help at all.

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