Cartek Stage 3X H/C prelimenary dyno numbers... Impressive!

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Bad Mojo, Dec 1, 2003.

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    From another forum:

    This is a preliminary dyno graph, 482 RWHP and 416 RWTQ out of our stage 3X package on a stock factory short block, headers, X pipe, full exhaust, 93 octane (pump gas), Cartek LS6 Stage 3-X ported heads, Cartek stage 3-X cam(no final cam specs yet), Modified LS6 intake (TPIS posted by Cartek). The current short block being tested is tired and I think that with a new short block, 490s are obtainable.


    Brent ran 10.59 @ 129.95 and 10.60 @ 130.38 with his stage 2-X rev. 2 making 463 RWHP and 409 RWTQ. He should be in the 10.40s with this package.
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    very nice
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    i just dislike the tourque numbers other than that it is sick!

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