CCNA curriculum is changing and I'm on the old one

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by nLinked, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I've just started CCNA 3. I have until the end of October to do CCNA 3 and 4. Alongside this I am doing other qualifications. I've been told that the old CCNA curriculum (which I am on) expires in November.

    I must either try and complete CCNA 3 and 4 before November and take the CCNA exam, or I'll have to do the new curriculum's exam (for which I am not studying).

    How different is the new curriculum? I believe it is Exploration and Discovery. I know IGRP has been removed. What has been added? Will I be able to do it without doing its course as well?
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    i believe that they implemented wireless. i can't remember what my professor said, i'm currently in ccnp3 - multilayer switching. it's awesome so far, like 4 commands to learn lol

    ccnp2 - remote access, on the old curriculum really really sucked. we had to work with modems. i understand that modems are essential backups, but this was a class that i was worried about failing

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