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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Iwannaz, May 23, 2004.

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    Ok so I am attempting to install my new pioneer 4600. I wired up the harness that comes with the player to the conversion harness that they gave my. I plugged in the power turned it on, and it didn't come on. From the cnversion harness there are 3 wires left. A dimmer wire, a illumination wire, and a power antenna wire. On the wires from the cd player, I have a system remote control wire left. I checked all the connections and they were good. So i decided to put the stock one back in for a minute, and it wouldn't work either. The guy who preveously owned the car, ran all new wires to the speakers, so it is kinda hacked up, but it looks like all the connections are good. Can anybody help me?
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    fuses, fuses, fuses very common to blow the audio fuse installing a new deck
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    Well it was an underhood fuse, but the head unit is fuxored. We put it in my freinds car to see if it was the head unit after we got the stock unit working, and it would not work. He had the same one. Sent it back to sounddomain and they are sending me a new one.

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