CEA-2031 and CEA-2015

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    CEA Expands Mobile Loudspeaker Rating and Logo Programs
    A new mobile loudspeaker rating and logo program has been launched by the Consumer Electronics Association. This initiative will feature products that comply with the CEA-2031 standard and provide consumers with a reliable way to compare mobile loudspeakers. The Mobile Loudspeaker Rating and Logo Program is part of larger effort by mobile electronics manufacturers to standardize the way that equipment performance information is relayed to the consumer.
    CEA-2031, Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Loudspeaker Systems, defines measurement and reporting requirements for mobile loudspeakers. An associated standard with a similar logo program is CEA-2006-A, Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Audio Amplifiers. When used together, the information provided to consumers by both logo programs will enable them to select mobile loudspeakers with power handling capabilities that are appropriate for the power output characteristics of their mobile amplifiers. In addition, CEA's Mobile Electronics Committee is currently developing CEA-2015, the Mobile Electronics Cabling Standard. It will define size and performance requirements for power and speaker cabling used in mobile electronics applications. When all three standards are used together, it will be easier for consumers to choose the right mobile amplifier that will work with their loudspeaker, as well as to choose the appropriate cable to optimize performance of the other two components.
    For more information about the CEA Mobile Loudspeaker Logo and Rating Program, or to obtain a registration agreement, contact [email protected]. To purchase copies of CEA-2031 or CEA-2006-A, visit www.CE.org/standards.
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    Too bad the avg consumer has no idea what These labels are, or why to look for them

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