Certain games crash 5-10 minutes in....

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cuallito, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. cuallito

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    Athlon 2400+
    384 MB RAM
    Win XP home sp1
    Geforce 2 gts (sorry had it so long i forgot the card brand)

    Here's the deal:
    1)Stupid e-machines pc only came with 128mb ram
    2)Buy 256 stick says it's backwards compatible with my comp(333 to 266hz,2700 to 2100)
    3)Installed it along side existing 128 stick AND installed several driver updates of windows update
    4)Some games started snow crashing 5-10 minutes in.
    5)Tried puting the mem in different orders, or using one stick at a time. Games still crashing.
    6)Noticed winupdate installed old but still newer vid card drivers than the ones I had.
    7)installed newest drivers.
    8)games still crashing
    9) Tried fresh installing newest drivers, games still crashing

    I've asked some people they've said it was heat, but unreal tournament plays fine for hours.

    HELP ME for the love of god. Thank you.
  2. cuallito

    cuallito Guest

    Oh yeah it specifically occurs on homeoworld 2 and age of mythology. Other games work fine.
  3. Slid.

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    You could try uninstalling your video card and installing the drivers that came on the disk - sometimes older drivers work better. Since you've swapped the RAM out I think we can say thats not it.

    Try the video card and see what happens - otherwise ya got me.
  4. maczter

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    if you have a soundblaster video card, uninstalling the drivers and remving the card.

    i started getting random blue screens on mine while playing games and traced it down to the drivers for soundblaster card. since replacing it with a card from a different manufacture, it hasn't blue screened once.
  5. cuallito

    cuallito Guest

  6. cuallito

    cuallito Guest

    Is there anyplace I can d/l older drivers. I have no clue were my disk is. I've had the hard for like two years.

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