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    If you want your life (or parts of it) to be incredibly different in five years (or way less), there are a few no-brainers yer gotta get yer head around and do something about:

    (1) As a rule, there is no perfect time. Waiting for the perfect time is another name for procrastination.

    (2) The decisions we make (or don't) and the things we do (or don't) today will shape what our reality looks like 1, 2, 5 years from now. Not making a decision... is making a decision.

    (3) If nothing changes (attitude, behaviors), nothing changes (reality, results).

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over.. and expecting a different outcome"... yet this is what many of us do every day of our lives.

    I know you know this... call it a reminder.

    (4) If you don't address (do something about) what has held you back in the past (laziness, apathy, ignorance, fear, lack of preparation, attitude, inconsistency) you will continue to spin your wheels and stay where you are.

    (5) Your biggest challenge will always be you (specifically your thoughts and your emotions), not your boss, not your genetics, not your bank balance, not your situation or circumstance, not your parents and their lack of support or understanding and not your ability or lack thereof.

    (6) You can't be objective about you. Consider involving someone (in your change process) who will tell you what you need to hear, encourage you, support you and slap you in the back of the head periodically.

    (7) Create time lines and work ferociously towards them. You need to create and maintain momentum... time lines help.

    (8) Live with purpose.
    Get excited about stuff.
    Get passionate.
    Get off your ass.
    If you wanna create amazing... yer gotta do amazing.
    Stop walking around like a lame-ass and wondering why your life is crap.

    (9) Make some significant decisions today.
    Even though they may not be easy, convenient, practical, comfortable or popular.
    Make them because your life needs to change.

    (10) Many people let their past determine their future... when in fact what we've achieved, done or experienced to this point in time has little or nothing to do with what we may do or be in the future.

    If the last five weeks, months or years has been an unproductive, unsatisfying, frustrating blurrrr for you... then maybe it's your time.
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    Bah more reading.

    We work to master 12 primary life attributes in our experience as humans.

    With each lifetime we choose 1 primary life lesson to work with and continue to work on it in consecutive lifetimes until we achieve "mastery" of that single attribute.

    As you read the list of lessons you may recognize one or more of the attributes. These are life lessons that you have already mastered in this or previous lifetimes. There will be a blind spot in recognizing your present primary lesson.

    This is where an Overlight facilitator can help identify your primary life lesson. All these lessons may present themselves to you in this lifetime but it is usually one that will have the most effect on your behaviors. It's like a student choosing a major to focus on but will also study other subjects.

    1. Acceptance; Self-esteem, most often taken in female form but not restricted to it. Also described as self-sabotage, whereby a person will "do everything right but it still does not seem to work."

    2. Adaptation; This is the ability to adjust to change. This lesson makes people do everything possible to keep everything in their life on an even keel. They believe in order to succeed they need to keep everything from changing. They often have a hard time making any decision at all that would involve change. It doesn't always appear to be a problem in their lives until they are faced with drastic change that they realize they are unprepared for it.

    3. Be-ing; In this lesson people believe they are not whole and have the need to be constantly adding something to become whole. This can be food, relationships, alcohol or drugs. It can be an obsession of any kind, and it can easily turn into addiction and often does.

    4. Charity; Charity is walking in the constant knowledge of the connection to all things in all actions. It has been construed to mean giving, but charity is not the art of giving alone. Charity is in honoring the connection you have to all people in actions. When your actions honor all people you are the one who rises. A person working with the life lesson of charity has a blind spot when it comes to paying attention to the needs of other people.

    They may appear selfish or simply not caring.

    5. Communication; From the heart. This lesson is more popular with males. Speaking their feelings and letting their needs be known honestly is very difficult. They may be prone to reverting to silence when they are tired or stressed. This lesson makes success in relationships very difficult.

    6. Creation; Expressing Power. Working to master this lesson the person cannot see their own creations or their ability to create. A belief in lack and sometimes perfectionism often provide the perfect excuse for a person to not create for themselves. Mostly taken in female form in our society, where the male has traditionally been the most supported to create.

    Add to this a lack of self-confidence and you have wives who often hide their creations from their mates or create through their spouses giving the illusion that it is the spouse who is the creator. If this relationship ends the husband's success often seems to fail without cause. Understanding the power one has to create is the key to mastery of this lesson.

    7. Definition; Expressing infidelity through boundaries. This is a very popular lesson for females. They carry emotional empathy. They tap into other's emotions, thought patterns and energy so easily that they often do not realize that it is not their own energy they are feeling. Their challenge in this lesson is to keep that energy from back feeding and draining them.

    Boundaries are the key factor in this life lesson.

    8. Integrity; Walking in harmony with yourself. The four lines of integrity are what you speak, how you act, what you think, what you believe. If one or more of these lines don't match the others, the vibration sent out becomes blurred and unclear. When a blurred signal is sent out a blurred result is returned in all the experiences of this person's life.

    9. Love; Love of self. People experiencing this lesson can often appear to give love to everyone and everything, sometimes only through the fear of being alone. A person working on this life lesson can often get stuck in a cycle of fear. Afraid that if they are left alone there will be no-one to love them. The key to mastery in this lesson is the ability to love one's self.

    10. Trust; Trusting self. This is an easy lesson to understand and a hard one to master. These souls venture into set ups that constantly reinforce that they cannot trust themselves. This lesson is usually set up by a person, maybe mother or father who abuses them, so the individual learns not to trust anyone. It gives them difficulty trusting themselves to take their own power.

    They don't trust themselves enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable. Once this life lesson is mastered these people are seen walking through life with an inner sense of direction. They trust themselves enough to not need to know.

    11. Truth; Personal Responsibility. People going through this lesson will have difficulty discerning and standing in their own truth. Thus, the tendency will always be to adopt the truth of others as their own. They may see themselves entirely through the eyes of others. They often become incapable of being truly honest with themselves. Outwardly they may tell lies and create excuses, rather than be honest about what is really going on in their life. Once they start taking responsibility for their own reality, then mastery of this life lesson will begin.

    12. Grace; Walking in harmony with all things. This is the final step to mastery. This is a lesson that teaches the destination is unimportant. It is the journey and the grace with which you experience this journey that is important. How often do you wake up and say, "I love my life, I can't wait to see what today holds"?

    This may sound like simple positive thinking, but it is much more. When you see yourself as a player of the "game" of life and allow yourself to play the game with grace then the mastery of all lessons becomes not only easier but even enjoyable.
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    the streets
    well i haven't had time to actually read the thread

    but i'm a huge believer in self-improvement

    nothing worth having comes easy

    i'm a much better overall person than i was 5 years ago, and i'll be better still in 5 more
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    The real question for such a hard core OT'er as yourself is this however.

    Have you been able to implement all these things you wrote here into your own life? Afteral it take more then words to change the world, if you honestly reply with yes, then i'll make this a sticky.
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    I was just posting to hope to inspire not only myself but a lurker on the edge.

    My life has taken many many turns in the last 5 years. I was asked recently where i saw myself in 5 years and couldn't give an honest answer. I looked back at the last 5 and frankly, i didnt even fathom where i am today.

    I don't want a sticky but I'll quote myself and break it down. Maybe it'll help someone in 5 years from now digging through these posts.
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    Told the girl something not 30 minutes ago that prolly shoulda waited but i needed her to know. :hsd: its always a bummer to make the one you love feel anything less then happy.

    My choices today outline the next week, through the end of the month. My inability to choose a schedule for classes makes me human I hope. I'm hardly perfect.

    We are what we make ourselves. If we only put on a front then we're only lying to the most important person in our lives.
    Me and the girl have had a rough week or so. We cooked dinner tonight over the span of a few hours. We NEVER cook.

    I have a serious problem with listening to my voicemails. Went through them on my way home tonight. :dunno: I'm no super hero here by any means.

    Hitting the snooze seems to be the "new" and "old" fighting. some days old wins and i hit snooze a couple times too many. Yesterday new won. Today Old one.

    I am utterly open with my girl but I have a close close friend whom when i share the same things with, has 0 problems with slapping me upside the head and telling me how stupid, lazy, dumb, etc it was.

    Company is going from 20-25 people to 120+ before the end of the month. My time lines seem like cliffs and so far I'm hitting road block after road block. :hsd:

    Purpose? What is my purpose? Enjoy my life knowing the end is always closer then we want.
    Nothing makes me more jumpy then getting up to the station knowing i make a differance. I help put a truck on the street.

    I dont think i made any significant decisions about ME today. A few that will affect me, but none that were about me and me alone.

    I cant remember this exactly but it goes "Progress to the future is determined by today with respect to the past"
    basicly I dont forget where i came from but i dont live in the past.

    :dunno: I could fill a novel with my last five years. Nothing like I had expected. Not even close.

    Again, I'm not doing this to brag, get a sticky, attention..anything really. just putting some thoughts...responses down...
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    :coold: a good read....

    especially the first article. :hsd:

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