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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JemmaX, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I want opinions. I feel like it is not possible to change how you FEEL about something, but it is possible to change how you REACT to something. My boyfriend says you can change the way you feel about it as well. I dont believe that to be true for me.

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    i think you can change/control your reactions to something, but you can't truly change how you feel about it. your feelings are your feelings, it's not like you decide how to feel, it just happens naturally. and that can't be changed. your feelings can only be repressed.
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    You can change how you feel, but you have to understand that changing your feelings is a reaction as well.

    For instance if you step in the elevator with a lot of people, and then constantly you feel a stick pointing in your leg, you can't watch back because of all what is happening, you are very angry at the fact that someone is hurtfully poking you.

    Once you step out of the elevator you see that the man who accidently was constantly poking you was a blind person.

    From anger you change into feelings of sympathy for the disabled man.

    That would be a classical rational example, but the change of feeling is also an reaction, a change in reaction towards the situation is in this case also a change in emotions.

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