COMIC Charlie's Angels II: Anime inspired?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Evo Shandor1995, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I was reading a thread about how badly Charlie's Angels II sucked, and it occurred to me that the movie reminded me of a certain kind of anime, the 13 and up rated anime that have very sexy heroines who dress skimpy a lot and act very sexy but never quite get naked or get seen having naked sex. There were even some obvious fanservice scenes, like the one where the Angels show up dancing at a strip club (one of those movie strip clubs where the strippers keep their clothes on, but still, a strip club of sorts). And there were also all sorts of kickass martial arts stuff like doing upside-down flips on motorcycles and shooting at bad guys during the flips, very characteristic of anime, along with all the big explosions.

    Did anyone else think whoever made CAII might have watched a few anime of this sort? Are there other live-action US films that look like they might have been influenced by anime?
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    never watched it cause it looked ridiculously stupid

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