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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by whoarnti, Apr 8, 2004.

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    I am looking to pick up a film camera for ya know, taking photos. I dont know much about film etc. as I have been looking for a digial camera and will most likely buy one soon as well. For the time being though I want a film camera for fun and maybe good blown up wall shots. Can someone reccomend a camera for approx 250 that I can use for this purpose. I was just checking the best buy and circuit city ads but I want reviews or reccos. Thanks
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    Second hand Nikon F80 has your name written all over it buddy :bigthumb:
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    Go to a pawn shop and see what they have. Swap meets are good too (And I guess flea markets)

    Do you want Manual Focus or Autofocus?
  4. whoarnti

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    well I would like both, i want the option of auto but want to be able to manually adjust
  5. get a canon rebel 2000 or TI even. they have auto focus and manual. have auto programming and manual, along with shutter or aperture priority. lenses are good quality and work well.

    when going digital you can get the digital canon rebel. this way your lenses are interchangable. also you don't have to worry about learning new settings

    I own a TI and digital rebel. i love both and wouldn't live without either. good luck with your search. hope the info helped out.
  6. whoarnti

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    The Elan 7 looks pretty good, what about like the Nikon N80 or so. Id like something that will last me a while and I can still upgrade, I dont plan on going professional or anything but dont want to skimp out. Any ideas?

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