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Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by itr452, Dec 22, 2006.

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    Hi everybody! ITR452 here again with an insanely good deal on quality gis. Granted, there are very few gi-wearers here; and even less judoka. Size is limited, but there's 2 good judo gis on sale at this place, it's called

    They've got a Toraki Bronze (small, but insanely excellent quality gi) for $40 (cheaper than shitty house brands) so go ahead and pick it up if you need a cheap gi to roll in. A Judo cut gi is baggier than BJJ, but hey; for this price, it's a small compromise. Oh and it's a Light double weave......... so it's nice and breathable unlike some of the heavyass bulky ones. They only come in a size 3, but they fit like a size 4 (A1 in BJJ sizing) ONLY IN WHITE $40 PANTS & GI TOP

    Or the other gi they've got is my favorite gi, the Adidas Champion Gi. This Gi was designed by Howard Liu of HCK, so you know this thing is good quality. I've got this gi, and it's HEAVY as fuck, and insanely hard to grab, the collar is thick as hell too. Nothing but good things to say about this gi, I love mine because people trash up their hands trying to grab a hold on my gi. One more thing; they come with the HCK pants that everybody raves about. They come in Judo size 2, 3 and 4 (A1 and A2 in BJJ sizing) WHITE OR BLUE (Same price) $90 PANTS & GI TOP

    This is the cheapest i've EVER seen these gis. It's better than the sale I posted before because these prices INCLUDE shipping.

    Oh and as usual, I've got no affiliation with the guy, unless I look like a "John Turner" tee-hee i'll put on my Adidas Champion Gi later on and take a pictar of myself to show you how they are.

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