Cheapest place for Sprint phones?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by BlingblingWJBoy, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. I've done a ton of shopping around online.. everything that seems to be a good deal requires a new activation fee of some sort. I CAN get a $150 rebate from sprint, but it sounds like they're pretty limited as to where I can use the rebate. What's my best bet? I hunted around on ebay but I can't find many deals that would be worthwhile, and I obviously can't use the rebate if I order off ebay. Here are the phones I've been looking at, in the right order:

    Sprint PM8920 (I'd like a speakerphone and the camera)
    Samsung RLA760
    Samsung PMA740
    Samsung VGA1000

    I don't think the A740 listed a speakerphone, but I guess I could do without. It would be nice to have however. Would appreciate some suggestions.
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    Try Costco, they usually have good deals or Radio Shack. Personally i like Sanyo phone over Samsung, i have had both and the Sanyo always seem to be solid. If you are looking for speakerphone and camera i suggest the Sanyo MM-7400 or the Sanyo VM4500, i have had both and they are very nice. I have not used the A760 yet but people i know who have it like it alot.
  3. RadioShack seems to be pricey. I'll see if I can get into Costco today. Thanks!
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    Don't get the 8920 if you can help it. Spring the extra dough for the 8200 instead. Audiovox is crap.
  5. I ended up getting the Sanyo PM8200. Spent 209+tax. Got the recharger, ear piece, holster, car charger for it as well, all in one pack. Not tooooo shabby.

    Isn't radioshack pricey? I thought their prices on the phones were pretty much similar to those that I found at the Sprint Store. Thanks for the advice though.
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    Costco is the best, because of their lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee. Basically you can return your cell phone and get a new one :o I've done this 2 times already, and my friend has done the same :cool:

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