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    Cliffs: I am losing my mind.

    I should be taken, be covered with carmel and nugget and then left at the front of a gorcery store. Because that's where they sell nuts.

    I feel like I'm stoned 24/7 along with other oddities.

    Over two years on OT and this is my first time posting here.

    I never thought I'd initiate some sort of discussion here as part a part of the 'Asylum Crew.'

    And you know actually, this being OT, I find it very surprising that this forum is somewhat active due to the underlying nature of this site. Who the fuck wants to read about individuals, or groups of people, whine about their problems... and then go through the trouble of participating in some sort of issue.

    I suppose those troubled tend to bond together. Is that where I have come?

    I supposed it's named 'The Asylum' of OT for a reason.

    My name is Stephen Cronin, I am 20 years old (next month) and here is my story.

    Back in early May of 2006, finishing up my sophmore year of college, I decided that it would be a great idea to trek around New England visiting friends and family for 3 months. I am not sure how great of a decision that turned out to be.

    On May 15th I left Houston, Texas and began my long drive to Farmington, NH where I would stay with my step-brother until early August of 2006. During that time I would work in Newington, challenge the bar scene in Portsmouth, drive up to Maine, and visit some friends in Mass.

    Sometime in Late June/Early July I noticed a thick rash, about the size of a peanut butter jar, on my lower back. It was pink/red and raised from the skin.

    I took note of it.

    Mid July - (feeling completely normal up until this point) I would wake up one morning feeling as if I had received no sleep the night before. (If you pull an all-nighter you feel tired, extremely lightheaded, not very alert, can't concentrate, going through your day in a hazy.. spacey way.)

    Never have I felt the same. I awake every day feeling as if I have not slept at all, however I always (only) feel as if I am only 24 hours behind. Even if I sleep for 12-14 hours, or simply 8 hours - no change in the way I feel.

    I maintain a healthy diet (always have), weigh 150 lbs, etc.

    I have made no dramatic changes to my lifestyle (except that I smoked a shitload of pot up in NH.)

    Mid August - Right before I left for NY I tested positive for E Coli (it was in the drinking water) and got through those rough 2 weeks during my time in NY and (later) NJ.

    Then I (somehow) managed to drive back to TX saftely.

    Most recently I have been feeling worse (starting early September)

    My symptoms are as follows, please note that not all of these are felt 24/7 (unless stated) and they all have their varying degrees of magnitude resulting in good & bad days of overall wellness. Furthermore, the symptoms that aren't 24/7 are defined as "on and off for several hours at a time" meaning that these can come in several different combinations resulting in a new feeling of illness every day.

    -unusual thinking (24/7)
    -fluid movements (24/7)
    -living in a cloud (24/7)
    -extreme fatigue (24/7)
    -feel more incased in my body (24/7)
    -not fully awake and aware (24/7)
    -takes longer to recall information and verablize/apply it
    -cannot keep any sort of sleep schedule
    -feel awake and asleep at the same time (24/7)
    -horrible case of visual snow ( (24/7)
    -headaches (24/7)
    -pressure in head (24/7)
    -difficulty following a train of thought
    -burning eyes
    -chest pain
    -chest pressure (24/7)
    -poor balance
    -lightheaded (24/7)

    After taking this information to a Doctor in Houston (saw him in early September) I was put on Provigil for 2 weeks. (

    No positive effect. Actually there was;

    -Increase in visual snow
    -Increase in tiredness

    When I returned to see him he was surprised and then thought I might have a sleeping disorder. I'm having some tests done in a few days.

    After some research, and chats with others, I'm considering the possibility of lyme.

    When all is said and done this is affecting my social life, work, school... I just want to feel normal again :wtc:
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    I would recommend the following.

    Goto a Lyme disease Specialist, 10/10 that you have been bitten by an infected tick during the summer time that had Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato bacteria under its skin.

    The thick red rash that you describe is typical for a lyme infected insect bite, the fuckload of associated problems including neurological are known to be associated with lyme and do not to go away by itself you remain to be a carrier of the bacteria unless you get a severe medicine treatment.

    Tell the specialist what has happend to you during that summer and ask for examination and treatment.

    Also be more carefull of what you eat,drink,smoke where you goto you seem to understimate the dangers of a new enviroment.
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    Based on what you are describing, it certainly sounds like that it would be related to your rash that you got back in the early summer. I wonder what activities you were doing at that time. I question if you noted that particular time frame of what you were doing. I would speculate that you may have been on a trip, or outdoors somewhere.

    If it was anything related to an insect bite of a sort, there would be toxcins in your system. It appears to be something that started under the skin and slowly managed to absorb more into your system over time thus explaining the way that your feeling. Mind you, this is a hypothetical and my speculation.

    There was a show called House that featured a woman with crazy symptoms that would not go away, somewhat similar to some of yours. The doctors had a challenge in diagnosing the root of the issue covering everything. The lead character, Dr House, determined that it was a tick that was dispensing its toxin into her system slowly and she was not getting over the symptoms. Once it was pulled, she recovered in time.

    Even though it was a tv show, it is based on real medical issues that has been dealt with previously. But the bottom line... I sense that there is something in your system, maybe a toxin of a sort that your body is dealing with and most certainly.... get it investigated!

    Hope you will get better!

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