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I just recieved the new Motor Trend yesterday and it has an article on this new truck which will be a 2003 model but be available some time next year.

It looks a little larger than an S10 but it is basically a retro vehicle. The front end is based on a 50's pickup and the middle on an El Camino. It has a retractable top for the 2 passenger cab and a hardtop for the bed.

I must say that I am dissapointed by the performance numbers. I've been hearing from Chevy owners for 2 years now that when the magical SSR came out the Lightning would be getting beat all over the place. And the Chevy would be naturally aspirated to boot.
Well here is what it has: a 5.3 Vortec V8 with 285hp instead of the expected 6.0 with 300hp. Hmmmmm, last I checked the Lightning has 380 hp. 0-60 in the SSR is 7.0, there are imports faster than that in coupe form. The Lightning is somewhere in 4-5 second range not sure off-hand. No info on 1/4 mile times yet but I'd guess its somewhere around 15 seconds, whereas the Lightning is in the 13 second range stock.
They said they will probably increase the hp for the SSR but to kill the Lightning they have a ways to go. At first it will have a 4 speed auto only, possibly a 6 speed at some point in the future. This truck is nice looking and eventually could be a fire breathing monster but is nowhere near where all the Chevy people were telling me the last 2 years.


Quite honestly it is a cool looking "concept" vehicle. Look at the PT Cruiser, there was a huge amount of attention about them when they came out and now if you go down to the dealership they just sit there and noone is buying them as much anymore. I don't think that it will sell all that great, especially the hefty price tag Chevy will most likely put on it. IMO the lightnings styling is far superior and damn it hauls ass!! :blue:


Thanks for reminding me about the price tag. They estimated $35-40K for this thing. I'm sorry but theres no way. I could buy a Lightning and a couple of goodies for that much.


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Jul 16, 2001
i dotn realy like the styling why not jsut keep the f bodie then come out with a slow retro elcamaino


I would never pay that much for a truck such as the SSR. I am thinking about getting a Black 02' Lightning. They are very :cool: Get some headers, an 80mm MAF, intake and turn the Psi up 1 or two notches and you'd we rockin' and rollin'!:bigthumb:


Chevy should produce the Silvarado SS concept. 480 hp, 475 tq. that would be a bad ass truck and quite possibly a Lightning killer
you can see it at


The hell with the SSR. Chevy needs to get off their a$$ and consider importing Holden's UTE(LS1 based). IMO it looks better than SSR anyway, plus it would be more affordable.


I think this new SSR is fugly, they should have brought over the 2002 El Camino if they were going to do something along the lines of the SSR.


I think the SSR, El Camino, Ranchero, etc. are all ugly.
If you are going to make a truck that isn't really a truck, it better be a hell of a lot faster than that.


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Jan 2, 2001
i would buy one if it had the 6.0 engine in it, then get that supercharged for like 3-4k and it would be one fast beast but i can't say it would be all that good looking, but it is an interesting vehicle
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