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    i dont think about it much, but after watching that hysterical youtube, it came back to me. i was sexually abused during my childhood years. at the time, i didnt understand what happened. from that point on, i totally ignored it and just lived my life up until about now. i think it has affected me sexually - i'm not afraid to admit i am a virgin at age 22 because i am afraid to say that i have been sexually abused when i was 8 or 9 years old. i can definitely have my way with girls, but when it boils down to everything, i dont do sex or anything. i'm not bothered much by it (i have a life to live, yenno..), but i guess it has been actually hurting me in the long run. i dont know how to get rid of the thought in my mind
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    The processing of sexual abuse problems has to be releaved by talking about it to a psychologist,and writing your story down. If you would try Supressing the problem by brushing it away only means that you are making a murderhole of your heart. Its better to aknowledge that it did happen and to talk about it so you can process the issue and be able to live with it.

    Sometimes to give one step forward you need to take two steps backward. In this can you need to talk to someone about this problem that you have had in your childhood, mostly because in your childhood you are unable to defend yourself then only later on you have to learn how to deal and live with these negative events, up till the point were you can say, ok i've had these negative experiences i accept myself in that these events happening it doesn't make me a bad person and forgive the person who did these horrible things to you, as wel as learning that sex is an expression of love ,instead of a bad thing. Sex can be abused like it has been in your life, but its not intended in that way. Its a tool for giving and receiving love. And if you can accept that then you can finally accept love and peace in your heart.

    I advice you therefore to see a psychologist, and writing down here what horrible things happend to you so you can process the terrible event. We are here to support and love you thru all of it. :hug:.

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