Chips on the Hood v. thousands!

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Original, Nov 26, 2005.

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    I don't know what to think.. if this is a defect or what, but it seems to get worse every day :wtc:

    This started happening before it started snowing..

    Bought the car used about 2 months ago, paint looked immaculate.. and within a month, I swear the hood is COVERED with tiny tiny chips (the sun needs to shine on the hood to see them.. can't see them from 10+ feet back).. looks like i went through a patch of small rocks at 100mph. A friend of mine took a look at the car and was like.. "I've never seen THAT many chips on a hood when the rest of the paint on the car looks perfect"

    What could be causing it :dunno:

    I was thinking maybe the carwash, but that would make scratches wouldn't it? And there's no way highway driving did this. My brother's car (same car, 55k miles, mine has 70k) has little to no chips on the hood.

    Bad paint maybe? :noes:

    I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.. it's dark out, and the hood is covered with snow :hs:
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    wash, claybar, zymol works for me on my cougar, and alos they are probably marks in the clear coat. and not marks in the paint you may be able to have it wetsanded but i doubt it.
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    I have a feeling the hood was repainted at some point and badly if it is chipping up that rapidly. A good paint shop can probably tell you for sure.

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