Chrysler Crossfire + Disguised Dealer Markup = RIPOFF

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Bad Mojo, Jun 28, 2003.

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    Talked to my supervisor earlier, he's in the market for a new SUV and stopped at a Chrysler dealership to look at the new Pacifica. He was there five minutes and they knocked $5,000 off the MSRP for the Pacifica, citing that they are trying to get more of them on the road.
    While he was looking he checked out a Crossfire in the showroom... MSRP was $35k but the dealership is taking "bids" on it. They already sold one for $70,000, and have a current offer of $65,000 on the one they have now. Another customer told them that $35k was the MSRP, and if he wanted it, they would have to sell it to him for that ( :rolleyes: ) they basically told him tough shit, since they aren't advertising it at over MSRP, just taking offers he isn't going to sit in it unless he beats out the other offers.

    What gets me, is that while it looks nice... It's really not much of a car. I'd have a hard time spending even MSRP on one.

    I guess if your making $35k *pure profit* off a car like that, you can afford to cut a few grand off the Pacifica :rolleyes:
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    Technically, dealer is right. There is nothing (usually) that prevents a dealer from selling a car above or below MSRP. Good recent example is the Ford Thunderbirds. Most of those were sold for over MSRP, as they were more than a little hard to come by.

    Not saying it's right, but OTOH if it were my business, I'd want the right to control my own pricing.
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    Same thing happened with the new Thunderbirds and the PT Cruisers, initially. There were dealers selling <$20k PT's for over $35k when they first came out.
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    Same thing happens with almost any hot new car. Then six months later you can buy all you want for sticker. Then a year later they're being discounted just like the minivans.

    And Terry is right, MSRP is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. It is against the law for the manufacturers in any industry to dictate what price the retailers are allowed to charge. No one seems to complain when the dealers are knocking $5,000 off the sticker, so we shouldn't complain when people are stupid enough to pay $35k over.


    ok let me get this straight.
    $65k for a crossfire
    $57k for an SLK32 AMG

    $35k MSRP for crossfire
    $38-42k for a used SLK32 AMG

    and to think that the roof is retractable on the benz too.

    chrysler needs to stop making stupid concept cars a reality. the prowler was shit, this thing is shit, the pacifica is shit. it only encourages companies like GM to make ridiculous retro shit like the SSR a reality instead of making a cool car that someone would actually drive somewhere on a regular basis.
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    I saw three of them parked at a high school campus, with plates from Michigan and "Art of Driving" on the windshield...think those were test drivers?

    Anyhow I think Chrysler's done an okay job with the Crossfire. I like the front end: edgy, but the whole hatchback image doesn't quite work...too quirky.

    Those only have the 3.2 V6 off a C320?
  7. Jonjolt

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    The MSRP is never what you expect to pay, I hear of people buying vipers for 120K just because they are hard to come by.

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