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  1. I'm thinking about college majors and got on the subject of IT. I thought I wanted it as a career but I changed my mind. I'm rethinking it now. If I go into IT, I want to specialize in security. Cisco is the only thing I have experience with, so I was thinking about grabbing a few Cisco products and a bit of reading material and learning it, possibly studying for mainstream Cisco certs as well. I enjoyed learning their IOS on 2600 routers. It seemed logical and simple, while offering plenty of options, but never got to explore much into that due to the inefficiency of the program I was in (it was basically a trade school experiment. Hey, better than learning Word and Powerpoint for 4 years :ugh: ).

    Is there a lot of potential in learning Cisco? How saturated is their market? And anyone know any good deals on a 2600 router and possibly a Pix 501 :x:
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    Unless you're a CCIE, you're not going to find much work, the market is very saturated with all the layoffs and such.

    I hear India is nice this time of year though.

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