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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Alt+F4, Dec 8, 2004.

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    I just installed my first Citrix environment. We use it as a front end to run a financial package off another server. There is only one Citrix server here. I'm now working to enable remote printing to the schools that use Citrix to connect to the financial app.

    The way the app is, you must install each printer within the application, then point to its location. The way I figured I would do this is have Citrix autocreate the client printers, share them, then point the app to //citrix/clientprintername. I setup a test client here and it worked the first time. Then I logged the user off, logged back on, and attemped to print. This did not work. The problem only occurs once I've logged off and back on again. The shared autocreated printer remains on the Citrix server, but even if I do a rightclick > properties > print test page from the server end, it won't print. And yes, I did delete the 'autocreated client printer' from the printer properties, so it should have been saved.

    What is changing between sessions, and how can I enable it to remain the same? I can rule out driver issues just because it worked the first time I set it up.

    Thank you.

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