City Of God

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  1. Just finished watching it last night and oh my god. Straight to the list of my top 50 movies. Probably my favorite new DVD until Eternal Sunshine... comes out. Not only is the movie just brilliant, but there is a documentary movie on the DVD as well that lasts over 40 minutes describing the situation that the movie depicts. If you haven't seen it, go rent it now and watch it twice. I say twice because the movie is in Portugese (i believe) so its subtitled. So just watch it twice, once so you can read the subtitles and once again so you know what is going on without having to read the subtitles all the time and you can watch the impressive cinematography.
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    Aug 26, 2004
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    This is one of my favorite movies as well. The dialogue and cinematography were terific. Really great characters that I found I could probably relate to. The 40 minute documentary on the DVD was disturbing. Its really messed up in Rio De Janeo. I'm so happy I'm in the USA where that stuff isn't happening.
  3. Yeah seriously. I was watching that documentary and just thought about all the people who say how much their life sucks in this country. My ex used to say how horrible her life was and all this stuff. Then i watch that documentary and I felt like calling her up and telling her to watch it and to never complain about her life again. In the documentary where they said at the height of the war in the slums of Rio, a person was murdered once every 30 minutes. That's insane. And 90% of those murders were from a high caliber gun. Crazy stuff.

    But the documentary brought up a really good point about whether or not the people would actually want an uncorrupt police force.
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    I have a DVD sitting in my living room and I have no time to watch it. But after reading this thread, I am definitely gonna watch it tomorrow! I'll sleep 2-3 hours less but I gotta see it.
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    If you enjoyed City of God watch Pixote and The Man of the Year, both are great and from Brazil.

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