GUN Cleaning kits


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Oct 26, 2003
Boresnake and an old toothbrush. Everything else I disassemble, and wash in the sink then re-oil.


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May 28, 2000
I use bore snakes and have one of the universal otis kits that covers just about every caliber. It's hard to beat a rod and swab though.


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Dec 31, 2004
Grabbed a Hoppes generic pistol cleaning kit and a lot of swabs. Use Hoppes oil and grease, and threw in a few rags and old toothbrushes to complete my kit.


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Oct 18, 2005
Do you guys have recommendations on kits I could ?
boresnakes 1st

then buy good quality rods, you want to ensure you get a GOOD rod that spins freely and easily, i have a buddy that bought a kit from wal mart for 20 bucks or something and the rods were shit, they kinda spun freely but not really when i watched him run the patches thru his weapon

don't have to spend big money, just don't get the super ultra shitty cheap shit they put in those $20 kits

BUT BUY BORESNAKES 1st of all, for simple after range trip cleanings they do the trick quickly and easily

if you buy used guns that may have some old shit that needs more than a boresnake then start putting together your tackle box full of shit like most of us probably have lol

my wife shakes her head when i take it out cause she thinks it's ridiculous and it probably is but i feel i need it :)


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Sep 10, 2004
Dallas and OKC
I have a tackle box at home with various rods, brushes, patches, CLP, brake cleaner, roll pin punches, brass hammer, rubber mallet, AR vise clamps, AR wrenches (castle nut spanner, barrel nut wrench, etc...), precision screwdriver set, various wrenches and pliers, crapload of spare springs/roll pins/parts, and bearing grease (Valvoline synthetic hi-temp :mamoru: )

But I have other stuff that stays in my range bag for use when I can't take the whole tackle box. A rag, boresnake for any calibers I'm shooting, small bottle of CLP, small tube of tetra grease, small can of wd-40, a toothbrush (actually a 'tactical toothbrush' like in the m16 cleaning kits with the small brush at the other end), and a gerber multi-tool for basic pins/screws/scraping duties

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