MIL CLEP/DSST? Credits by Exams

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by origin unknown, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Well I recently got into my education centers clep program to earn college credits by exam. As I was going through the shitty 'study guide' I googled CLEP to see if there were any online or book resources to help. I found this website called InstantCert Academy. It's basically a flashcard type fill in the blank way of learning. It's honestly a good way to learn and for those of us in the service college credits are promotion points and ways to become officers without having full degrees. CLEP is free for all service members (I'm sure most of you are aware.) I am doing a salesperson part because if you type in my referral/promotion number you get 5 bucks off of the InstantCert membership for the first month. You don't have to use my number if you think I am trying to gain money, but hey 5 bucks... If I get enough to sign up the best benefit I would get would be getting a discount off of my own account. That means the total would be 14.95 as opposed to 19.95.

    My referral number is 86674

    [FONT=PrimaSans BT,Verdana,sans-serif]Click the link.

    CLEP is honestly the best way to knock out pre-req useless courses that can be done easily with 2-3 hours of studying at most and recalling most of your HS education. They are accepted at nearly all major colleges. (search for your college)

    Well I hope you don't think this is some sort of wasteful scam. Its not. If you want college credit then go to your ed center, tell them what exam you want. Study via the link i gave and voila you have a full semester of college credit under your belt in whatever time limit you think you are capable of.
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    I just take cleps to see if I can pass without even studying. I passed intro to comm and im not a comm troop and most of the questions were about tape drives and dos.... lol


    took two others for the hell of it
    missed by 1 pt and 3 pts with no real prior knowledge of the subjects
    one was history and something....
    the other was human and cultural resourses or some shit

    I missed speech because I was sick and couldnt talk... about to re take it next week
    then I am 4 cleps/classes away from my CCAF
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    I'm waiting on the results of my principles of supervision test right now. Instantcert is a great way to kick start the studying, but I wouldn't rely on it solely.

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