cloudy blemish on black paint

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Tripper, Mar 27, 2007.

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    My dad had a old 49 model holden, holden is Aussie for GM.

    The car has been painted black some time from when it was made to when he purchased it a few years ago, its got some areas of the paint that i can only describe as been grey in colour and cloudy in apperance, ive tried to polish them out with no luck, I dont know what type of paint it has or when it was done got any ideas on what might help remove these marks, they are not on the bonnet so its not a heats soak issue, also dont want to spend a fortune on it , just after a few ideas on things to try.
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    Can you post pics?

    Does the paint have a clear coat? If you are using a polish on the paint and there is no black on the towels or pads, you have a clear coat and it is likely the problem is the color coat is fading underneat the clear. If that is the situation, only a repaint will fix it.
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    i have something similar on my wife's jetta

    i know it has a clear coat....

    also have a lot of white specs...they are mostly on the hood...i've clayed it a few times but can't seem to get that shit out!!!

    i'll try and get some pics tonight while its in the garage under the flourescent lighting and post them...

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