Cluster computing under windows ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by kitsune, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. kitsune

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    hey guys, i was wondering if their is a program like openmosix for windows xp ?

    I have searched google and i cant seem to find any software wich will allow me to make a cluster under windows.

    I was just going to use linux but i am a totall noob at it. I even downloaded clusterknoppix wich runs on a cd (fkn awsome linux distro btw)

    So anyone know how to set up a windows cluster ?
  2. kitsune

    kitsune Guest

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    I don't think there is distributed clustering in Windows like for linux, tru64, or vms, etc. There is only HA clustering for windows.

    How did you NOT find any info on clustering for windows? Microsoft themselves have a clustered component, eventhough it the most crappy cluster iteration on the planet, it definitely out there.

    Unless you're looking for a free one, I don't think one exists.
  4. kitsune

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    yeah man im looking for a free one.

    The programs i use for converting, compiling etc are all win32 and thats why im looking for a windows cluster program.

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