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    My recruiter said I can get a guaranteed district of my choice since my asvab score was good enough. I was hoping for District 9 since I'm from Chicago and this way I can visit my friends and family.

    Then I thought that that wasn't the best idea since I shouldn't let easy of travel affect my career.

    I'm going in under MK (machinery tech), but in the long run I want to do drug interdiction / law enforcement. I was thinking Dist. 11 (California) since there is a lot of drug trafficking there.

    Any recommendations from you guys?
    What trends follow each district?

    Oh, and the recruiter said I can't have Dist 7 or 14 since those are off limits for a "guarantee".
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    What up buddie.

    I am in the USCGR here in Florida (dist. 7) I got out of IADT July 3rd. There is a post about it somplace... it was no picnic.

    I am also going to "A" school this October for MK. Since I am in the Reserves I only handle SAR and LE... but you have to be rated. So MK was the fastest and will be easiest for me since I have background as a yacht mechanic/electrician.

    LE is everywhere coastal. Drug and immigrants are mainly on the borders of Canada and Mexico, but vessel compliance and fishery LE are very big. We are the only Dept in the world that has jurisdiction 300 miles off our coasts.

    As of right now, LE and SAR are only parts of what a Guardian is tasked to do. You do your main job and when LE or SAR is called upon you drop what you are doing and go.

    About 2 years from now there is going to be a dedicated rating for Law Enforcement... named either LE-S or MS (Law Enforcement-Security or Maritime Security.)

    I wish I would've joined right out of high school.

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