MIL Coast Guard, what are your thoughts?

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    a little background info and why I want to join. I am 23 years old and having a hard time getting the money for school. I have a decent job right now, but not anything that I would like to pursue a career in. I have to work full time (50-55 hours) to pay for everything. I'm trying to pursue a medical career, RN, but I'm in the position where I can't just drop my job and goto school. I'm making $36k a year right now, which definitely isn't providing a comfortable living, but I am getting by, just very unhappily hence my reason to do something I think would be enjoyable.

    I've been considering the coast guard for years now, it just sounds like something that I would actually enjoy doing. I've just had worries about going out to sea for long periods of time, worrying about the income not being sufficient, etc. I've spoke to the recruiter and he said the periods out to sea can vary by what you're doing and that job placement isn't guaranteed.

    I'd just like to hear how people actually feel about it. I don't know one person in the coast guard, so it's all a mystery to me.
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    I know several people in the CG. They promote faster than any other service.

    Sign up, use Tuition Assistance to get your schooling and then have access to the GI Bill for additional cash for school.
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    You can also get the COLLEGE FUND on top as part of your contract (IT MAKES a HUGE difference). Most people don't ask for it so only a select few actually get it. Recruiters will usually try to get you into certain MOS to get the COLLEGE FUND but it's usually just a gimmick. Also while you're on active duty you can put in for the "kicker" which you will have to contribute an additional $600 to the GI BILL but you'll get that all back within a few months of using the GI Bill.

    I know other branches, such as the Air Force are good of letting people attend school while active duty. However, even though the Marine Corps policy is to not deny anybody an education, it's extremely difficult to squeeze in a class unless you're doing the online thing. Of all my time in the Marines I saw maybe less than 5 people actually take college courses while on active duty.

    Another thing you might want to try is getting a job that's related to what you want to go to college for. It'll give you the additional experience so that you do finish college you'll have both field related experience and a college degree. Which is a double plus, I'm doing the same thing right now. Military electronics experience, current electrical engineer student.

    As far as deployments go, I'm not sure about the coast guard but as a member of the military you should expect that orders may come down anytime and you may have to deploy on a moments notice. It's just the way military life is and there's no getting around it. It's not that bad though, I had many deployments and you just get use to it, it becomes normal.

    As far as the military pay goes, it's not that much but it's not that bad either. You won't be making $36k/year in real money but with all the benefits you'll probably be much better off than what you are now. All branches pay the same. E-1 in one branch is paid same as an E-1 in all other branches. Depending on your MOS and where you're located, you can be paid additional for hazard pay, or extra pay based upon your duties. Also if you're married you may get BAH and whatnot.

    One last thing, are you close to finishing up your degree. It might be worth it to "suck it up" for a few years until you're done with college and then join the military as an Officer. Just a thought.

    I think most people join the military and they don't really know what they're in for. With that being said, I have found my military experience to have been one of the best thing I've done. It's allowed me to mature, make some of the greatest friends and is currently allowing me to go to school without having to take out loans. I think joining is just one of those things you'll have to decide on your own. It definitely helps when you get inputs from others who have served but ultimately you'll have to decide is it worth it for you.

    Hope that helped you a little and Good luck on your endeavors.
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