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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fishbulb, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Curious if anyone has any thoughts on using Kohana over Codeigniter? After reading a bit about Codeigniter thanks to threads from Kingtoad and others I'm looking at using it for a decent sized e-commerce project.

    Saw some discussion on Kohana saying it was newer and better, but I'm thinking Codeigniter will probably suit my needs just fine, my only concern was future updates to the core, which I guess there is no real guarantee for either. Thoughts?
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    How in depth is your ecommerce project? For an e-commerce site, I would actually take a look into Zend and see what Magento offers and if it suits your needs.

    As for the topic, Kohana... Never used it, but it looks promising since it seems well documented and it's a pure PHP 5 MVC framework. CI has a lot of PHP4 floating around in it (due to the inventors methodology of CI). From my perspective, it seems that it is the only plus from using Kohana right now. I'd have to delve into it and actually use it to tell you more. It looks like a direct competitor of CI.

    Make a simple web app using both frameworks and tell us the differences in them if you're up to it. :dunno:

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