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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Robb, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Robb

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    I have a forum and want to make a place for people to click so that they can send an email to their friends to tell them about it, can anyone guide me to a reference material that can help me design this?
  2. Robb

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    i got everything setup, i found a mod for it on phpbb, but now when you hit submit to sent the link, it just goes back to the page you entered the email into instead of the thank you page i made


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    yeah i was just gonna say...no need to custom code one yourself there's TONS of mods out there.

    the reason it's not working is because you didn't set it up properly and asking any of us for help is going to be pointless as you've got the script infront of you
  4. Robb

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    i know, i just cant figure out the script at all, basically it says to add the link in your header and upload the files, obviously replacing thier stock url redirect w/ ur own sites,

    but theres something wrong w/ the code, i followed the directions exactly and it still doesnt work, just annoying, but ill get it working :hsd:

    ROFLCORE Guest

    Is the mod you're using for the version of phpbb you're running?
  6. Robb

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    would that really change anything? the mod is for .21 im u sing .22

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