SRS cognitive therapy anyone?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by atlimport26, Jul 20, 2005.

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    ive been doing this for about a week and a half now and the results are amazing ive been depressed for a long time but this seems to get to the source of the problem, by no means am i 100percent better but i feel like theres definate hope for the future and i would like to share with you guys what worked for me, it might work for some of you, let me know what you think, o and by the way i havent been to a cognitive therapist
    i got this book called the feeling good book and it shows you how to change your distorted thoughts to more realistic ones. let me know what u guys think.
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    Cognitive therapy is really good, especially for depressive people who always ruminate the same negative thoughts. Add some sports in there though. Some studies show that jogging a couple of times a week is as effective as anti-depressant on a one year basis, while on longer terms it's more effective.
    Depression is a problem that's both physical and metal ; cognitive therapy takes care of the mental part, it will be a lot easier if your body feels well too.
  3. atlimport26

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    thats good you pointed that out, i am on antidepressants also, i am trying to get myself motivated to start running, maybe ill list down the advantages and disadvantages of running and that will help some.
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    Tell me by what methods does cognitive theraphy work?
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    I have never read the book, but, I did do a year of CBT and it changed my life. It was right after surgery for a brain aneurysm and I developed panic attacks and agoraphobia as a result of the trauma of having my head Black & Deckered (holes drilled in my skull).
    Excellent therapy...I highly recommend it to anyone who has issues.
    And yes, I am fine. :)
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    ouch that had to hurt!!

    I definitely wouldn't be keen to do that!! :mamoru:

    atlimport26 hi there!! :wavey:

    just curious, but maybe this cognitive therapy will hold you for awhile, but if you can't deal with the problems, they will be like a monkey on your back for awhile ... skeletons jumping out of closets stuff as well ...

    just curious, but what if you let go of your problems??

    specifically, what problems do you have that you feel need to be addressed??

    I will tell you that I have undergone some holistic sort-of cognitive therapy with Anthony Robbins ... if you know who he is ...

    good stuff there!! :big grin:

    anywho ... I believe that there are many paths to a destination or solution, and I hope that you have found a way that works for you!!

    keep up the good work, champ!!

    remember this phrase: VICTORY IS NEAR!! :mamoru:
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    I'm wanting to try CBT. I heard it works miracles. I did cognitive therapy for four years...didn't do a damn thing.
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    Cognitive therapy basically teaches you to recognize irrational thoughts/feelings vs. rationality. Here's an example related to my experiences.

    You accidentally shatter a dish from a set that your wife particularly likes. She's going to be pissed. But rationally, you know you'll make up for it and it will be ok. Thing is, when in a depression (especially guilt-complex related) you make it out to be much, much worse than it is emotionally. This is where the feelings of worthlessness and overall fuckup-edness come in. At these points, I can literally feel my serotonin levels drop, no shit. It's cause and effect really: something happens, and it drags you down...once you're drug down, you're more susceptible to more bad things. It's a downward spiral from there. It's hard to explain really to those who've never felt it. I'm glad everytime I find someone who can't understand well, honestly. I'd rather not have anyone feel it.

    Anyway, the idea is this: Something happens that sets off a serotonin(mood) drop (could be guilt or whatever, for me it's guilt). That person feels badly for whatever. They feel bad, so their levels drop lower, etc..the cycle repeats. With Cognitive therapy, you train yourself to recognize these negative feelings either before they start, or early on. Basically, you take over logically rather than emotionally. You, over time, become aware of every negative feeling that you have and start to question them logically.

    "Is this a rational thought, or am I feeling it out of proportion?"
    "Do others show as much reacton as I do to this happening?"
    " If They do not, and I am the only one feeling this, is it possible that my feelings at the moment are irrational?"
    "Can I take a step back out of myself and look at i from a more objective point of view, and if I can what would I see?"

    These are just the steps that I take when in a depression. They help me alot personally, but I'd check with a doctor or therapist to be sure :dunno:
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    my problems mostly is i dont think realistically, i realized how alot of my thoughts i beleived to be true were actually really distorted and didnt make much sense since i never talked about them to anyone i felt lost and that led me to be even more depressed, now i just feel a better sense of self esteem and self confidence and better overall, this has worked for me alot, i havent even been to a therapist im just working it the handbook i got, i have a totally different outlook on life and different beliefs and stuff its pretty amazing, its like i always knew it should be or what i would have prefered life to be like i just had to find out how to get it there, and i did, and im excited, thanks for listening! lol.

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