Coil Over Front Suspention for 1st Generation S-10's!!!

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by NASTETy92, Mar 22, 2002.

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    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to extend a Group Purchase offer that Al Dustan has graciously extended to me and a few other sy/ty'ers I've rounded up. Here's the deal:

    $1,400 for Al's KILLER front chromoly suspension kit if we have 0-5 confirmed buyers, and

    $1,300 (hopefully Al), if we can get over 5 buyers. Right now, I have 3 confirmed buyers w/2 likely others.

    This is a SUBSTANTIAL (read over $400 and possibly $500) savings off his normal $1800 price.

    I don't know if Al's willing to do a GP on his rear suspension kit or his other great products as I haven't asked'em (what do ya say Al?), but this is a great deal.

    If your interested, please drop me an email or post a reply here so I can get a head count.

    I don't know when this GP ends as Al and I haven't worked that out yet, but it won't last forever thats for sure.

    For more info on the benefits of his kit see

    Also, I can tell you from 1st hand exp at last years Nats that your truck will handle better, brake better, and accelerate faster. Hell, your shavin over 100 #'s off the nose. Thats gotta be at least .1 in 1/4 mile. Thats reason enough for me.

    If you have any more questions, you can either e-mail Al Dustain, at Dustan Performance,
    [email protected]

    Or you can e-mail me,
    [email protected]

    Here are some pics as well, for those who don't like to click on links.

    The new front coilover conversion from DPT is a completely new design that is meant for the serious enthusiast. This kit includes two control arms that are made out of 4130 chromoly tube with heim joints at all spots for maximum control of the suspension. The shocks are Koni 30 series coilovers that are specially valved to DPT's specs, the shocks are rebound adjustable and use a Eibach coil springs. This kit saves 130lbs of weight off of the front end with 34.8lbs of that being unsprung weight. All pieces come powdercoated to any color.

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