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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 240 KA-T, Feb 6, 2004.

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    So I wanted to use a program that needed some ports open so I contacted computing services at my school. Like alot of other college servers, they ban P2P networks and such, but here was his reply:


    Our firewall protection is either all or nothing. If you would like some ports open, you will need to use this page to register your computer as a server. This will remove any firewall protection/interference. Be sure you have your computer up to date ( and you have up to date virus protection. We will scan your computer for vulnerabilities before we remove this protection.

    Please fill out the form and I will process the request.
    Thank you.

    So what I plan on doing is becoming a server, and hopefully this will open all ports. I will get some anti-virus software as well as use a personal firewall. But I had some questions I was hoping you guys could answer...

    1) I assume that since this will not put a firewall on me, I can use programs like Kazaa Lite, etc. If I am downloading alot, will they know I am using one of these programs, or just that I download alot?

    2) Will this boost or limit my bandwith in any way?

    3) My school supplies free anti-virus software: Mcafee. But it comes with this thing that is always running called E-policy. I assumed that it checked to see what you were doing online and all, so I removed Mcafee all together. Should I reinstall it and not mind this E-policy program? (Little blue shield icon). If not, where should I pick up some freeware anti-virus protection?

    Any other info that you guys could give me would help alot.

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    1) Depends on the school
    2) Depends on the school
    3) I doubt the school is using a program like Mcafee to track all the sites you visit. They have easier ways of doing stuff like that.

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