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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Guest, Jan 10, 2002.

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    OK i bought this flat screen tv with the color stream component along with a dvd with the same thing...i put the cables on there but it didnt really make a big do these color stream components suck or am i just not using it right? the tv stayed the ame and the dvd looked just as good as it did.....what do you people think about it?
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    Are you talking about Toshiba stuff?

    Basically you need a television with a component video imput, and a DVD player with the corresponding output.

    If you hooked it up incorrectly, then the picture will be black and white.

    You should see a slight difference in color quality and overall clarity. If you television has enhancements then try those out.
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    maybe you're a videophile :) remember it's slightly better than s-video, and component is pretty new. Try adjusting your tv, in color, brightness, contrast, etc.
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    I have a brand new Toshiba 55" Theater Wide HD with 2 color-stream inputs...

    and yes...that is the best that you can get as far as signal quality.

    Also..for adjusting your new RVPT (Rear View Projection TV) you need to calibrate it..

    Get the Video Essentials DVD and the Avia DVD...if you are still not happy..

    get a certified ISF tech to come out and calibrate both the SD and HD portions of the TV.


    P.S. Also, did you do the convergence test and cal???

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