CAR Come watch me mod the newest car before I sell it in 3 months...

Perfect Speed

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Apr 8, 2006
So it's been almost a month in the making of getting this thing home. First a delay because the seller bought a new house and needed to move, the next weekend I was on vacation, after that it was the hurricane in Florida so finally this past weekend I drove from Charlotte down to the Walton Beach area to pick this thing up and bring it home.

I'll chronicle the stuff I do to this thing on this thread - (or sell it, who knows lol)

Anywho, info on the car...
  • 2019 Shelby GT350R
    • Options:
    • Carbon Fiber dash
    • Technology pack
    • Black stripes
    • Black roof
  • 4400 miles (exactly actually... loaded it on to the trailer with 4400.0, kinda funny)
  • Stock other than:
    • OEM FP catch cans on both sides
    • Signature Forged wheels in OEM sizes (stock CF wheels included)

The short story (for the 3 people who don't know already as I chronicled it pretty heavily). I sold my modded '17 SS 1LE in anticipation for a C8 Z51, had an allocation and gave it up because of a transfer for work to NC (from) WA, I found myself trying to find something else after failing to buy back my SS 1LE. I purchased a C7Z and didn't like it and had been searching for a replacement. I drove a few cars and only got to drive a GT350 non-R and hardly showed it any corners, however on the recommendation (and the good price of this car I bought) of many people - I pulled the trigger on this thing sight unseen (with many pics and vids).

It was great in person and after cleaning up the car from the trip home I took it for a short spirited drive and have to say it's what I was hoping for and is at least AS good as the SS 1LE, and I might end up feeling like it's better as I drive it more.

Pics below... Plans for the car...
  • Rock guards (already installed today as evidently this thing kicking up rocks onto the fenders/quarters is a huge thing)
  • Jack pads so I can change wheels easily
  • It needs tires for the street wheels, so probably some PS4S tires
  • Clear bra on the front
  • Auto-blip or similar (judge me all you want, but if I track it I want this so I don't mis-rev and upset the car and put it into a wall or some shit - won't use it on the street much)
  • Track pads (and some low dust street pads) eventually when the factory pads expire
  • Harness for driver's seat and harness bar
  • Racechrono and a camera+bluetooth MX+ so I can log track stuff
  • Likely headers and a tune but no time soon
Put some small things on it today, washed all the grime off from transport and put the "SHELBY" sticker letters on the front lip (last pic)









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Sep 21, 2003
Mustangs haven’t looked good in decades

Not sure why they never tried harder
Perfect Speed

Perfect Speed

Software and Cars
OT Supporter
Apr 8, 2006
Badass. However, I would have upgraded that concrete driveway first gotdam
Not my driveway ;)
more interested what your neighbor has under the car covers
3 early 80s 911s; 2 targas, 1 coupe with a turbo tail, a 997 C2S, and a 944S
I brought this home and he loved it, he prefers Porsches, but loves anything fast

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